Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today the start of a new media initiative funded by the Help America Vote Act geared toward reminding Hoosiers of the upcoming Oct. 4 voter registration deadline. The outreach campaign will also highlight the recently released online voter registration tool, found at

“Beginning this week, individuals may hear more radio ads or see more online reminders encouraging them to register to vote if they have not already,” Secretary Rokita said. “With the voter registration deadline only two weeks away, we must continue to communicate with Hoosiers about the impending deadline and the latest ways they can easily register to vote, such as through the new online portal at”

According to U.S. Census figures, 60 million eligible voters did not register to vote in 2008. Of the non-voters that year, 14 percent said they did not vote because they missed their state’s voter registration deadline.

Secretary Rokita said part of this latest media outreach will also target college students, making them aware of the upcoming deadline. According to a report by The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) – an independent research group studying the civic and political engagement of young Americans – 22 percent of individuals 18-29 did not meet registration deadlines. CIRCLE also reported about 6 percent said they did not know where or how to register to vote.

“Understanding not only younger individuals’ but also the public’s ever increasing use of the computer and Internet, the online registration tool at provides another fitting avenue to help ensure every individual is given the opportunity to register,” Secretary Rokita said.

After October 4, the voter education program will continue through Election Day to help voters be aware of important items such as how to comply with Indiana’s photo ID requirement, polling hours and voting rights and responsibilities.

Unveiled in January 2006, provides voters a single point to access election information online in Indiana. The website enables voters to register or update their information online, view the candidates on their ballots, locate their polling place and view the status of their absentee ballot request.