Today marked the first day kids from Lincoln Junior High School had a chance to use their very own school computer while learning at school. It was part of the Plymouth Community School Corporations “Learning in the Present: Preparing for the Future” project initiative.   This project loans a school owned notebook, “Macbook” computer and a protective carrying case to every student for school usuage.

“Macbooks will be an important tool for learning for our students”, said Principle Dan Funston. “We had over 600 computers in use for our 7th and 8th graders this morning.

Two Apple Computer representatives were on hand for technical support. “We did experience some issues when the 7th graders had their chance on the computers.”, said Funston. “Other than the minor gliches, it’s been pretty smooth for a first day, first time experience.”

Plymouth Community Schools encumbered the cost of all the Macbooks for the 2010-2011 school year.   That included the cost of the lease and the warranty of each computer.

Parents were given a “checkout aggreement” to sign for the school. The aggreement explained the responsibility of each student had with their computer. PCS also suggested to parents the possiblity of purchasing “warranty insurance” for their child in the event the computer gets damaged caused by inappropriate use or improper care of their childs computer. Now the insurance was not required, but again suggested.

“We trust our students will handle the Macbooks with great care. This is something new, fresh, and exciting for our students, and I personally feel secure that a great majority of my kids will treat their computer as if it were their own home computer.”, said LJHS 8th grade Math teacher Betsy Barron.  “Just look at them. They’re engaged and having fun learning about the Macbook.”

“ Teaching today is so different than when I was in school. We relied on books primarely to educate.  Today is different. It’s technical. It’s how our kids today are learning and we have the capability to utilize technology as a teaching tool”, said Funston. He added, “Using computers in the classroom is the way of the future, and there’s no way around it. I’m thankful this adminstration had the vision to see this coming and how beneficial these computers will be to our students.”, he stated.

Every LJHS student slated to have their own computer to use. If your child hasn’t, please turn in the “Checkout Aggreement” so your child can be issued a Macbook.