The issue of cell phones for Argos employees is still being discussed.  During last week’s Argos Town Council meeting, Police Chief, Rod Rudd, questioned the $60 stipend for cell phones.  An IRS regulation on employee cell phones is the cause for the review of the cell phone policy.  It was decided, at a previous meeting, to issue a stipend to employees who are required by the town to have a cell phone.  It would be up to the employee to choose the plan they would want and pay for the difference. 

Rudd told the Council “Cell phones are a piece of equipment to us.”  He told how his smart phone can connect him to the internet for emails and sending alerts on  The $60 would not cover what the police officers need to communicate with each other.   Rudd asked if the Police Department could either provide cells only for work or increase the stipend for the police officers.

Council Member, Casie Rowe, told Rudd, “We were just covering the basic and if they wanted extras it was up to the employees.”  Council Member, Dave Walker, noted that it made sense for the Police Chief to have a smart phone but it was not essential for the officers to have a smart phone.

It was decided by the Council to keep the stipend at $60 and see how it plays out in two months.  They will address the issue then when they have actual dollar amounts to make a decision.