The seventh-ranked team in 3A boys soccer registered a second win over Plymouth this season. On Tuesday Northridge knocked Plymouth out of the Goshen Sectional with a quarterfinal win, 5-0.

Plymouth head coach Grant Masson was pleased with his team’s performance against the NLC foe. The Rockies had to deal with the loss of sophomore goalkeeper Wyatt Houin to a shoulder injury early in the first half. Senior keeper Alan Cantero took the goal for the Rockies and picked up the slack by recording five saves.

Northridge (14-1-2) showed why they were undefeated in the NLC in the first half with three goals. The Rockies countered with four shots on goal butwere denied by good goalkeeping.

Coach Masson said Plymouth senior Captain Angel Pagoada had a superb shooting night and was everywhere on the field while Junior Levi Hutchinson dominated the midfield.

Fullback sophomore Parker Hansen led the Rockies with 14 tackles.

Northridge also defeated Plymouth by five goals on September 23, 6-1.

The Plymouth boys soccer seasons ends with a record of 6-10-1.