Three resolutions were approved by the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Tuesday evening.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained the resolutions that will potentially add new projects to the

The first resolution, 1056 would add an entrepreneurship – community center in TIF District # 1, the U.S. 30/Pine Road Economic Development Area.   Surrisi said the commission has determined that it would be beneficial to the area and that it would be beneficial to the public health, welfare, and economic well-being of the community at large. The estimated cost of the facility has not yet been determined.  The proposed location is the former Montgomery Ward building in downtown Plymouth although the property has not been secured. 

The second resolution, 1057, includes the entrepreneurship – community center, specifically because the proposed location is in TIF District #2, the East Jefferson/Central Business District.  This resolution also includes the Water Street Townhouses. 

The 15-townhome project received $520,000 of READI Grant funding last year and a required public commitment from the Redevelopment Commission of $800,000 in matching funds.  It was also announced that Kevin Berger will be the developer of this project and he has signed purchase agreements with both owners of the two homes on the block.  This will allow for the full buildout of the project. 

The final project in TIF District #2 would include the development of a restaurant and brewery at 101 South Michigan Street.  Tim Harman told the Redevelopment Commission the Yellow River Brewing Company will locate in the former NIPSCO building that has been empty for about a year now.  The concept is a microbrewery with artisan pizza and barbeque.  It will be family-friendly and the plan for a stage to offer some entertainment. The plan is to have decks on the east and south sides of the building to allow for additional seating.  He anticipates a building permit being issued in August of this year.

Brent Martin said the restaurant will set about 180 including 60 with the two decks. The interior will be exposed steel and duct work with lots of track lighting.  He said, “I think there is a dynamic there with a restaurant, the REES Theatre, the Wild Rose Moon, and Heartland Artists. There’s some buzz there that I think is just really great.” 

The third resolution, 1058 also adds the entrepreneurship – community center in TIF District # 3, the U.S. 30/Pine Road area. 

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved moving forward with the addition of the projects and will conduct a public hearing at the July 18th meeting.  In the meantime, the Plymouth Plan Commission will review and must approve the projects and then the Plymouth Common Council will consider the request.      

The Redevelopment Commission will then consider a confirmatory resolution after the other entities have put their stamp of approval on the projects.