This limited time offer includes a ticket to all six championship giveaway nights and guarantees the holder each giveaway item

SOUTH BEND — Celebrate the South Bend Cubs second championship in three seasons with the Championship Ticket Package.
This limited-edition package is the only way to guarantee all six championship giveaway items including the replica ring and Pete Crow-Armstrong Bobblehead. Only 100 packages will be sold.
Each ticket package includes one field box ticket and will guarantee the holder to the championship giveaway item of that day. Ticket holders will receive a voucher that can be exchanged for the giveaway item inside the stadium. They will not have to wait in line when the gates open.
Game dates included in the package are:
April 12 – 3’x5’ Championship Flag
April 16 – Championship Blanket
April 26 – Championship Trucker Hat
April 30 – Replica Championship Ring
June 21 – Pete Crow-Armstrong Championship Bobblehead
July 5 – Championship Pint Glass
This limited time offer is only $99 per package and on sale now. Tickets cannot be exchanged for any other game during the 2023 season. Giveaway items must be claimed on the day they are given out. Packages can be purchased by visiting the South Bend Cubs Box Office, by calling (574) 235-9988 or clicking here. All promotions and items subject to change.