Members of the Marshall County Election Board met Monday afternoon to count the number of early mail and Travel Board ballots.  They were also given the final counts on voters who walked into the Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse to vote and those who voted in Bremen and Culver the last two Saturdays. 

The County Clerk and a member of the Election Board said there were 2,572 walk-in voters in the Clerk’s Office, a total of 358 in Bremen the last two Saturdays and 255 in Culver.  That’s a total of 3,185 votes walk-in voters. 

Election Board members Democrat Rick Huff and Republican Adam Lukenbill then had to certify the number of mail-in and Travel Board votes.  Going through each of the 29 precincts, the forms were counted.  After about an hour the totals were 762 mail-in ballots, 15 email ballots, and 139 Travel Board ballots.  Putting all the early ballots together means 4,101 people voted.

Once the count was official the ballots were locked in a box that will be opened by Lukenbill and Huff today at noon and the process of counting those votes will begin.  It’s anticipated that absentee results will be released shortly after 6 p.m. tonight.

County Clerk Deb VanDeMark said the turn-out was higher than they expected and she’s hoping for close to a 50% voter turn-out. In the May primary, the voter turn-out was only 13%.