4,408 voters went to polling sites across Marshall County on Tuesday in the Republican and Democratic Primaries.  There were also 291 paper absentee ballots and 1130 individuals who voted early on a machine.  The total number of voters for the May Primary was 5,829.  There are 29,129 registered voters in the county making the primary election turnout 20.01%. 

Looking at the local races in Marshall County, there were three candidates on the Republican ballot for County Commissioner in District 2.  The incumbent Mike Burroughs was defeated by challenger Adam Faulstich.  Burroughs received 1,583 votes or 32.29% while Faulstich received 2,480 votes, earning him 50.58% of the votes.  The third candidate was Steve Gorski who received 840 votes or 17.13% of the votes. 

The County Commissioner seat in District 3 had two candidates, Jesse Bohannon and Francis Ellert.  Jesse is completing his final year on the County Council and gathered 57.51% of the ballots cast in the primary for commissioner in District 3.  His challenger Francis Ellert received 42.49% of the votes or 2,052 votes. 

The other big race in Marshall County was for the three County Council At-Large seats with five candidates.  Incumbents Tim Harman and Jim Masterson lead the pack.  Harman received 3,077 votes and Masterson gathered 3,031 votes.  The third seat will be filled by Brandon Schadek who took 2,398 votes.  The other two challengers were Deborah VanDeMark who received 2,382 votes and Jeff Wojcik who garnered 1,265 votes.

The election will be certified in the next week to ten days.