Last week, under New Business, members of the Marshall County Park Board discussed the addition of a pavilion at the Memorial Forest.

Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark said she spoke with Orva Yoder, the owner of Yoders Log & Timber Pros from Nappanee who moved the historic cabin for the County Park Board.   VanDeMark said he is very interested in helping to construct a pavilion on the site and he thinks he could work it into his spring schedule.  She said he will be sending a quote for the project.

Yoder said for this construction he would have the county pour the cement pad and then he would place the posts for the pavilion on top of the concrete pad.  The reasoning is because when you put wood in the ground it tends to rot which could cause additional maintenance to the pavilion.  Yoder said he would match the pavilion roof with the log cabin. 

There was a discussion on the size of the pavilion with Mayor Robert Listenberger who attended the meeting.  The county park board was unsure but discussed a 14 x 20, or a 14 x 24.  The hope was to be able to put at least four picnic tables under it.  The mayor also asked if they were going to rent or reserve the pavilion for events and that was something they hadn’t discussed.

Board member Brain Main said having the pavilion will also create trash so they will need to figure out trash removal. 

In other discussions, VanDeMark found a concrete step at Lowes for the front and back door of the cabin.  The step is 36” x 36” and 7” high and costs $68.98 each.  The steps are an inexpensive solution to provide a stable base to get into the cabin.  The plan is to bury the step slightly.  Members unanimously approved purchasing the steps.   

The pump well that was installed in the Memorial Forest last fall isn’t working at this time.  VanDeMark said they cut the leathers for the winter so the well wouldn’t freeze up.  It can be primed by dumping some water in it and pumping it and water will come up.

Time Filson from Montgomery Well Drilling suggested purchasing new leathers for about $30 to allow the well to work through the summer.  In the winter he suggested pulling out the leathers, store the handle and put a cap on the well once it starts to freeze and shut it off for the winter. 

Th County Park Board agreed and approved the purchase of new leathers for the Memorial Forest well.    

The signs for the cabin are being manufactured and should arrive in two to three weeks. 

Board member Dick Markley recommended spraying around the foundation of the cabin for weeks and to make it easier to mow without getting into the structure.  He also noticed that something was chewing or scratching on the cabin, maybe a squirrel or chipmunk.  Markley suggested looking to see if there is a spray that could be sprayed on the logs as a deterrent. The board will look into the issue for a solution.