Violent crime has been on the rise in our country over the past few years, and unfortunately, Indiana is no exception. In response to this, Senator Stacey Donato supported a handful of measures this year that she believes will have a positive impact on our communities and help keep Hoosiers safe.

Donato said, “Some recent issues have stemmed from defendants being released on low or reduced bail and placed on electronic monitoring devices. Senate Enrolled Act 9 sets new standards for the oversight of those on electronic monitoring, including setting staffing requirements and alerting victims if the person being monitored leaves their designated area.”

The Senator also said, “I also supported measures to improve how our first responders are able to help our citizens. Senate Enrolled Act 247 requires all state departments involved with the 911 system to submit reports on how to improve interoperability between response areas, and Senate Enrolled Act 294 will implement new standards and best practices for law enforcement in the state.”

Senator Donato closed her comments by stating, “While there is no cure-all for crime in Indiana, I believe these measures will help better protect Hoosiers.”