The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals heard requests from two individuals for variances of use to permit an auto repair business at their homes during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Brett Berkeypile at 6091 North Michigan Road asked the board to permit him to have one vehicle at a time in his garage shop for customization of vehicles.  He explained that he wouldn’t do much auto repair but would be installing equipment for police cars.  Berkeypile said he would put in the radios, lights, cage, cameras, and such.  Most of the work will be on police vehicles from Plymouth and the surrounding areas.  He would also install lights for volunteer firefighters or on construction vehicles. 

Berkeypile has a 40 by 40 garage to do the work in.  He also won’t be putting a sign out or seeking general vehicle mechanical work from individuals.  He will not store any unused materials outside. 

The Plymouth BZA unanimously approved the request with four of their five members present.  They include a restriction of no signage and only one vehicle at a time. 

The second request for a variance to allow a home garage operation was from David and Kandis Morwood at 11736 9th Road on the city’s east side. 

Mr. Morwood said he would like to have two vehicles at a time because he and his son will be working together.  He also said they will pick up the vehicle and bring them to their shop.  Morwood told the Plymouth BZA members he works on cars, ATVs, and motorcycles. 

Morwood said this is the start of their business and wants to provide a less expensive option for shop rates.  They will be doing general repair work such as oil changes, shocks, breaks, sensor replacements and such.  All used parts will be stored in the garage and taken to the scrap yard for disposal.

A new sign was recently installed out front of the home and that led Ralph Booker, the City’s Planning Consultant, to investigate.  It was noted that the sign can only be 4 square feet in a residential district.  Morwood said he will replace the sign if it is too big. 

During the public hearing four letters of support for the variance from neighbors were entered into the record.

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved the variance request with the limitations of two vehicles and that the sign complies with city standards.