This week Plymouth Park Superintendent Mike Hite told Park Board members, “We made it through the semi-flood.  It made the parks look ugly with lots of brown muddy water drying on the grass but that will get better when we get some rain.”  He said there were several trees down across the Greenway Trail and park employees were working on removing them.  Hite said they are also brooming the trail to remove the debris left from the flood waters. 

At the Conservation Club House water did get up to the building.  They had put the appliances up on blocks to protect them and only a small amount of water got into the building. 

Board member Laura Mann asked if the AC in the Conservation Club House would be working by the next meeting and Superintendent Hite said yes with the addition of a new unit.

Hite said the current AC unit was installed in 1982.  He had it worked on the day of the last park board meeting and the fix only lasted one month with it going out again on Tuesday, July 6th

The AC repair man was out and said, “It’s shot.”  Hite said he was hoping for one more year but that didn’t work.  He has already gotten a purchase order arranged through the city office.  Hite said, “We are lucky enough to have the Van Gilder Fund which funds maintenance projects at the Conservation Club House.  He said there is enough money in the fund to cover the cost of the new unit and installation.  

The Park Board also approved a Family Pool Pass for Relay of Life and free use of the Hoosier Old Wheels Shelter on September 18th for the Autism Walk and car show.