Mobile Medical Unit frontLast week County Health Officer Dr. Byron Holm and County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer drove to Auburn, IN to Ben Davis RV to pick-up the new Mobil Medical Unit that was purchased with some of the county’s COVID Cares money.

Overmyer said, “It’s a one-of-a-kind vehicle.  This Winnebago, the engine is in the front which Winnebago has never built with a diesel engine in the front, they are always diesel pushers, this one is a diesel puller.” Overmyer said the inside is state-of-the-art with microbial floors and walls.   Anti-microbial floors and walls help block microorganisms, such as the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds. Seamless, poured-in-place floors are naturally bacteriostatic and fungistatic because there are no seams, welds, or grout lines where bacteria can harbor and potentially grow.

The unit has a wheel chair lift, 2 examination rooms, 3 freezers and a refrigerator, a large restroom and waiting area.

mobile Medical Unit rearOvermyer said this vehicle is one-of-a kind for Indiana and probably other states nearby.  He said Winnebago was in Plymouth last week and trained Dr. Holm, County Health Nurse Lisa Letsinger, Nurse Sandy Dunfee and Dean Schmidlapp the food sanitarian on its operations.

Overmyer said he thinks the unit will be out in the next few weeks providing services to towns in the county.

Dr. Holm said they still need to install the communications equipment and soft supplies before it is ready for the road.

The Mobil medical unit will be stored inside at the old Civil Defense building on King Road when it is not being used.