County news # 2The Marshall County Commissioners approved the purchase of two timber bridges prior to the end of the year.

During their meeting on Monday, Jason Peters Superintendent of the County Highway Department said American Timber Bridge told them there hasn’t been an increase in two years but with COVID-19 the cost of lumber has skyrocketed and at times lumber isn’t even available. They weren’t sure what will happen after the first of the year with prices.

The county plans on replacing the bridge on Queen Road and the one on Tamerack with timber bridges.  The cost for the timber bridge # 5 on Queen Road is $186,745.33 while the cost for bridge # 9 on Tamerack Road is $112,609.15.

Commissioners Stan Klotz said lumber costs have increased 60% up to 100% and this is a good deal if Jason has the funds in his budget.

While the bridge projects aren’t scheduled until 2021 there will be a cost savings to the county compared to purchasing them next year.

The commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of two timber bridges out of the highway’s budget this year.