ARGOS – There is always the team mantra of being “family” but in the case of Argos soccer it goes a lot deeper than that.
Over the years many family members have shared the field at the same time. This year twins Colton and Cam Markley are a big part of the Dragon success, along with Sean and Mike Richard.
Mike was the hero a week ago burying the winning score in a double-overtime semi-state win and has been a catalyst for the Dragons during their second run for a state title.
This year freshman brother Sean stepped in to share some of the spotlight, showing flashes of his skill that will continue to develop over the next four years.
Of course, there wouldn’t be any sibling rivalry with this pair?
“There always is,” said Mike.
“No matter what sport it is,” said Sean.
“Anything,” said Mike.
“Everything,” said Sean.
There is still a bit of a pecking order with the two. Mike, the junior with experience has a little more pull when it comes to advice.
“If I make one mistake he’s always on me,” said Sean with a smile.
“I just expect a lot out of him,” said Mike. “That’s it.”
With the two-year difference, the pair hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to actually be on the field at the same time.
The last time goes all the way back to grade school and a different sport entirely.
“The only time we ever played together was baseball in first grade,” said Mike. “Teddy Redinger’s dad was the coach and we all played together but since that this is the first time.”
Mike has been a two-sport standout at Argos, also a part of Gordon Mosson’s Dragon basketball squad. What sport is his favorite?
“It kind of depends on the season,” said Mike.
Also a basketball player Sean is looking forward to the coming season.
“This will be the first year of basketball in high school for me so we could play together in that too,” he said. “I’d enjoy that.”
In spite of the rivalry, the two enjoy their time together on the field.
“It’s fun,” said Mike. “In games getting an assist from Sean or getting him a goal, it adds to the experience.”
“It makes it a lot better,” said Sean.
So who is the favorite around the house?
“I’m the favorite,” said Mike with a smile. “Always.”
“I object to that,” said Sean.
“He does well in school and on the field and court too,” said Mike of his brother. “I’m proud of him.”
“He’s kind of a role model for me,” said Sean. “I try to follow what he does. He shows good leadership.”
Does that add any pressure to older brother Mike to be a good example?
“If I were to do something wrong I think he’s smart enough not to do the same thing,” he said.
Mike has fallen into the role of the table-setter for the Argos offense, playing at a high speed and keeping defenders guessing. It has led to plenty of opportunities for him and his teammates.
“Lately it’s been different,” said Mike. “Saturday I think they marked me. You just have to just play the game and relax and know that something is going to happen.”
“I’m the emotional leader,” he said. “I just have to keep my cool and kind of set up things.”
“Some of his plays I don’t know how he makes them,” said Sean. “My role isn’t to score or pass so much. When I get in there I just have to finish the opportunities I have and make the most of it. I just want to do as good as I can and help my teammates.”
This year’s second run for Mike has more meaning with brother Sean along.
“The experience is better with your brother,” he said.
“Yea. And I hope we get a ring so I don’t have to hear him say he has one and I don’t,” said Sean.
While this family is part of Argos soccer, Mike says the family goes beyond DNA.
“I think no matter what even if we aren’t related at all the team comes together as one.”