Pagouda 5 goals

Pagouda’s five goals power Plymouth past Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA – Plytmouth’s Rockies went 10-0-1 in soccer action at Mishawaka taking a convincing victory 18-0
The Rockies were offensive-minded right from the start after only 20 seconds hitting the back of the net and not letting up.
Leading the Rockies in scoring was Selvin Pagoada who netted five goals for the Rockies on the night.
The Rockies continued their hot scoring and Sidney Melendez scored four goals on the night. The Rockies would net one more before halftime as Ariel Romero scored to make the halftime score 10-0.
The second half would see an array of scoring from the substitutes as and others as Jose Rosas would score twice along with Miquel Contreras.
Adding to the total was Alex Jaimes, Ivan Turcois, and Junior Arriaga.
Next up for the undefeated Rockies is another Conference game against Concord on Tuesday.
at Mishawaka
Selvin Pagoada—5 goals
Sidney Melendez—4 Goals
Jose Rosas—2 Goals
Miguel Contreras—2 Goals
Alex Baca—1 Goal
Ariel Romero—1 Goal
Ivan Turcois—1 Goal
Alex Jaimes—1 Goal
Junior Aguilar—1 Goal