LJH takes two
PLYMOUTH – The Lincoln Jr. High 7th and 8th grade B volleyball teams defeated Urey Wednesday night. The LJH 7th grade team won by the scores of 25-12, 25-19. In the serving department Lily Runyan led the team with 13 aces. Kloe Espinoza and Taylor Hauptman both added another four aces. Alana Allen led the team with two kills.
The 8th grade team won by the scores of 25-10, 25-7. Natalie Sheely served an aggressive 15 aces. Tynley Gantz and Mikayla Linse both added four and Emma Jackson scored an ace as well. Meredith Gordon and Maddy Harness both hit two kills.

Red Storm gets by LaPorte
PLYMOUTH — Lincoln’s seventh grade volleyball team took the A and B matches against Laporte.
The A match finished with scores of 25-14 and 25-17.
Mia Heartly served out seven aces, while Sophia Cantero added another five.
Eva Sheedy and Violet Flora with had four kills, Jersey Hunter finished with three kills. Thea Shepherd had four assists and Eva Sheedy closed out the offense with two blocks.
In the B team lineup that finished with scores of 25-19 and 25-22. Lilly Runyan served out four aces and Emaline Van Duyne scored five of her own.
In the eighth grade match Both A and B teams were victorious.
In the A match the scores were 25-13 and 25-16.
Marley Christy led in serves with a total with 16 in game serves while Lena Jones and Sophie Miller both served another 10.
Marley Christy scored with four kills and Sophie Miller, Lena Jones, and Lexi Myers added two each.
The B team game finished with scores of 25-24 and 25-13.
In game serves put out by Haylee Busse eight, Meredith Gordon nine, and Bethsaida Gonzalez seven.
At the net Tynley Gantz led with four kills.