PLYMOUTH – A game that was already a rivalry contest took on a lot bigger significance as Argos #1 (class 1A) Dragons took on #18 ranked (class 3A) Plymouth at the Kindt Soccerplex.
In a tightly contested game, Plymouth came out on top by a 5-1 score.
A hotly contested game from the start the depth of the Rockies was finally ait’s to wear down Argos and pull away in the last 20 minutes of the game.
“We were probably at 70 percent possession for the whole game,” said Plymouth coach Grant Masson. “That’s why we don’t concede because our offense is so good. We make the other team run. Make them run. Tire them out and once they’re tired, punch it in.”
That was almost exactly the recipe for the win as both team’s played a highly contested first half at 2-1 Plymouth. At the 32 minute mark in the second half Adrian Cardona took the ball one on one with the Argos defense, buried it in the net for what would be the first of several goals to follow.
“Obviously they are quick and fast and they move the ball that fast too so its hard to adjust to that,” said Argos coach Todd VanDerWeele. “I thought we did a really good job for most of the game.”
“They (Plymouth) have so much soccer sense,” he said. “They read it and countered and the third goal was the worst of the first three. We told the guys that (Adrian) Cardona is going to cut it and we let him cut in for that shot. We knew he would do it and we still let him do it.”
“I always say good teams will make others pay for their mistakes and we made the mistakes tonight,” said VanDerWeele. “We got one but one is obviously not enough against this Plymouth team.”
Plymouth senior Selvin Pagoada was masterful with three goals and facilitating the Plymouth offense that was relentless on the night. Jose Rosas would hit the goal for the other Plymouth score.
“Going in we knew they attack in waves,” said VanDerWeele. “We told the guys that we have to defend in packs but we have to get forward. If we stay back and just defend they are just going to throw more and more guys forward and before you know it they’ll have 10 guys up there.”
“They have played together since they were little tykes and it shows,” said Masson. “We have a chemistry and a culture on this team that I’ve never had before. When we gave up that goal at the end of the half they took that personally. They hate to lose more than they like to win.”
For the Dragons Kurt Robinson in goal under nearly constant assault held up for a great game keeping his team in it to the end.
“Last year I know Kurt struggled and that’s been eating at him,” said VanDerWeele. “I know last week he started thinking about playing Plymouth. He came to play. It’s too bad that maybe the best game he’s played of the year we gave up five. He was outstanding.”
Masson’s team played well to the last man and garnered their coach’s praise as well.
“They play their positions well,” said Masson. “I don’t have to make many adjustments. I make a couple and they listen and do what they are told and good things happen. I’m so proud of them.”
The Rockies stay unbeaten heading to the St. Joe Shootout on Saturday. Argos is 6-2 and will take on Rochester on Saturday afternoon