Bremen kicks past Culver
BREMEN — Bremen’s Lions took a home win over Culver in a high scoring match 9-7.
The Lady Cavs made a push with four goals in the final 10 minutes but Bremen held on for the win.
Giselle Villegas found the net five times for Culver. Kaylee Hamilton hit for two in the second half.
Caroline Bickel had a hat trick for the Lady Lions. Haylie Rodriquez had a pair of scores.
•Culver 7, Bremen 9
at Bremen
First-half scoring:
G — Giselle Villegas: 10 min.
G — Gisselle Villegas: 19 min.
G — Caroline Bickel: 8 min.
G — Caroline Bickel: 9 min.
G — Haylie Rodriquez: 12 min.
G — Caroline Bickel: 14 min.
G — Haylie Rodriquez: 20 min.
Own goal 23 min.
G — Ixa Monchea: 28 min.
Second-half scoring:
G — Gisselle Villegas: 48 min.
G — Kaylee Hamilton: 73 min. asst Giselle Villegas
G — Gisselle Villegas: 74 min.
G — Gisselle Villegas: 75 min. asst Baleigh Binkley
G — Kaylee Hamilton: 78 min.
G — Zeta Nunemaker: 64 min.
G — Delia Reyes: 70 min.