Warsaw edges PHS
PLYMOUTH – Plymouth lost to Warsaw in Northern Lakes Confernce action Thursday night by the score of 31-24. Plymouth’s record is now 7-3 overall and 0-2 in the the NLC. Plymouth’s JV won 10 out of 13 matches.
106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Jose Martinez (WARS) over Max Howard (PLYM) (Dec 7-3) 126: Dominic Smith (PLYM) over Andrew Ross (WARS) (Dec 8-2) 132: Isaiah Owens (WARS) over Nathaniel Derifield (PLYM) (MD 13-2) 138: Brock Hogenson (WARS) over Jordan Howard (PLYM) (Dec 7-5) 145: Tyler Richey (PLYM) over Liam Nolin (WARS) (Dec 4-3) 152: Chris McAfoose (WARS) over Dawson Stutler (PLYM) (Dec 4-0) 160: Jacob Linky (WARS) over Zach Truitt (PLYM) (Fall 3:13) 170: Graham Calhoun (PLYM) over Brandon Estepp (WARS) (Fall 5:00) 182: Mario Cortes (WARS) over Cage Long (PLYM) (Fall 7:08) 195: Brock Hueber (WARS) over Reggie Vazquez (PLYM) (Fall 4:35) 220: Diego Garcia (PLYM) over Jesus Velazquez (WARS) (Fall 1:15) 285: Andrew Himes (PLYM) over John Doe (WARS) (Fall 0:20)
JV results:
120: Carlos Velazquez (WARS) over Tony Klotz (PLYM) (Fall 1:24) 132: Mason Keller (PLYM) over Grant Cook (WARS) (Fall 4:12) 132: Dominic Munoz (PLYM) over Daniel Garcia (WARS) (Fall 1:21) 138: Abe Rebollo (PLYM) over John Doe (WARS) (Fall 6:43) 138: Cam Shively (PLYM) over Jaxson Cooper Walters (WARS) (MD 13-3) 152: Hunter Heckaman (WARS) over Alejandra Chantea (PLYM) (Fall 1:25) 152: Caden Hooley (PLYM) over Jackson Bradley (WARS) (Fall 1:02) 152: Sal Rhoads (PLYM) over Austin Brown (WARS) (Fall 1:33) 152: Justin Garrett (PLYM) over Ariel Herrera (WARS) (Fall 1:01) 160: Noah Vinson (PLYM) over Aiden Lozier (WARS) (Fall 4:45) 170: Grant Keirn (PLYM) over Derrek Warner (WARS) (MD 11-3) 170: Matthew McCrum (PLYM) over Jayton Brock (WARS) (Dec 7-1) 195: Josh Pelfrey (WARS) over Jacob Payne (PLYM) (Fall 2:04)