bill-walters_mayor-senterWhile Plymouth City Councilman Bill Walters was not elected to serve another term on the council, Monday evening Mayor Mark Senter announced that he will remain a member of the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Senter said there is not city or state ordinance that requires members of the Board of Works to be a City Council member. He said, “It’s very unusual and rare that according to the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (AIM) that all of our board members are council members also.”

State law only requires the Mayor to be a member of the Board of Public Works and Safety. Other members are citizens of the community where they live and typically they don’t conduct their meetings on the same day as the City Council meetings.

Mayor Senter commented on Mr. Walters’ campaigns in 2015 and 19 saying he was one of the hardest working campaigners out there.  He said, “Bill is very dedicated and loves what he is doing.”

Mr. Walters thanked the Mayor for keeping him involved.