Plymouth Color Logo2014Representatives from Argos attended the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Monday evening to request consideration of a proposed flat fee for paramedic assist.

Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller told the Board of Public Works he’s discussed with the City Attorney, Sean Surrisi and Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver a way to increase revenues for services provided to Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services when paramedic services are requested.

Chief Miller told the board, last year the hospital started charging for supplies which has had a dramatic affect on the budget in the line item for supplies.  Prior to this, the hospital did not charge the city for restocking supplies.

Miller proposed a flat fee of $300 which covers the cost of supplies but doesn’t cover the cost of mileage, manpower or wear and tear on the ambulance.

Argos Town Council President George Null, Clerk Treasurer Lisa Mullaney and EMS Director Sarah McCallum addressed the board with their concerns and the negative impact it would have on their budget.

Argos currently has a contract with the City of Plymouth that calls for them to reimburse the city when a paramedic assist is requested.  They are to pay 50% of what is received in the form of payment for services.  Mullaney said Medicare only pays $160.84 for ALS services so half wouldn’t be near enough to cover the $300 flat fee the city of requesting.

Mullaney asked if the city would consider an agreement similar to the one they have with Lutheran at the Rochester Hospital.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety tabled any action.  The requested Fire Chief and the City Attorney meet with Argos representatives and review the contract they have with Woodlawn Hospital and see how it works.  It’s hoped that some compromise can be reached.