Marshall County schools place members on HNAC team

The Hoosier North Athletic Conference has named their all-conference honorees for football and six LaVille Lancers along with four Culver Cavaliers have been named to the first team.
Hunter Lautt, Zac Ditmire, Jalen King and Jacob Fisher were first-team recipients from Culver along with honorable mention member Drake Gross.
For the Lancers Leyton Czarnecki, Ayden Doyle, Andrew Dill, Kolby Watts, Robby Pope, and Evan Bettcher all made the first team. Jake Martin was an honorable mention honoree.
Triton’s D’Angelo Shumpert was a first-team member joined by Jeremiah Ferrell and Lucas Cabrera as honorable mention

HNAC All-Conference
Hunter Lautt – Culver
Zac Ditmire – Culver
Jalen King – Culver
Jacob Fisher – Culver
Martin Napierkowski – Knox
Dalton Kohn – Knox
Jame Trujillo – Knox
Gabe Lovins – Knox
Cade Short – Knox
Kole McIntire – Knox
Braxton Geller -Knox
Leyton Czarnecki – LaVille
Ayden Doyle – LaVille
Andrew Dill – LaVille
Kolby Watts – LaVille
Robby Pope – LaVille
Evan Bettcher – LaVille
Nolan Shidler – North Judson
Dylan Marin – North Judson
Eli Blount – North Judson
Miles VonTobel – Pioneer
Derek LeGrand – Pioneer
Ezra Lewellen – Pioneer
Addai Lewellen – Pioneer
Logan Smith – Pioneer
Jonathan Beckley – Pioneer
Keaton Schroder – Pioneer
Diego Badallo – Pioneer
D’Angelo Shumpert – Triton
Gabe Townsend – Winamac
Brayden Lynch – Winamac
Trent Fox – Winamac

Honorable mention:
Hunter Schanlaub -Caston
Sam Smith – Caston
Drake Gross – Culver
Zach Rose – Knox
Jake Martin – LaVille
Cheyenne Allen – North Judson
Manny Barnes – North Judson
Keaton Redlin – North Judson
Brenton Mersch – Pioneer
Jeremiah Ferrell – Triton
Lucas Cabrera – Triton

Final standings
Pioneer 7-0
Knox 6-1
LaVille 5-2
North Judson 4-3
Culver 3-4
Winamac 2-5
Triton 1-6
Caston 0-7