1420 Stanley Drive AK IndustiresAK Industries, Inc. is expanding their operations in Plymouth.

Monday evening the Plymouth City Council heard the request of Jerry Chavez, President/CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development and Steve “Butch” Sabo asked the council to declare the property they recently purchased at 1420 Stanley Drive to be within an Economic Revitalization Area.

AK Industries has become a leading producer of fiberglass and polyethylene products for the wastewater industry.  They manufacture and assemble large fiberglass lift stations for municipalities as well as the small capacity ejector basins for the residential market. They manufacture a line of polyethylene septic tanks, sump pits, basins, and plumbing accessories. In addition they offer custom rotational molding services such as product development and production.

Founded in 1981 by brothers John and Butch Sabo, the company has grown to include four divisions across more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The newly purchased 67,500 square foot building had previously been owned by Hehr International.

Sabo said, “We’re going to expand the company into an injection molding division, TRM which is a resin transfer system and moving the hydro-action into the building and expanding it.

This expansion project includes an investment of $500,000 in real estate along with $1.5 million for equipment and machinery.  Ten new jobs will open up immediately with 30 additional job being added as the machines coming on line.  Sabo told the council they currently have 140 employees.

The Plymouth Common Council took the first step in the tax abatement process by passing a resolution declaring the area to be in an Economic Revitalization Area.  At the next city meeting on October 28th the council will conduct a public hearing and the tax abatement process and finalize the process.