school-boardThe Plymouth School Board is continuing to have each school in the corporation share highlights from their special activities. During the October 1st meeting, the Board was shown a video from Riverside Intermediate School depicting the various community outreach projects they are planning for the school year.

The video was filmed and edited by the Creative Marketing class of Plymouth High School and their teacher Judy Lykowski.

Riverside Principal, Kyle Coffman, introduced the new format of using videos saying, “Mr. Hartley and Mrs. VanDriessche approached the administrative team with their desire to transform our Focus on Learning, or perhaps broaden the scope of the learning, the relationships, and the community that we tend to focus on from day-to-day. I so very much appreciated that vision.”

In previous years, the Focus on Learning portion of the agenda was dedicated to having students do demonstrations of specific skills.

Coffman added, “My hope is that you find Riverside’s focus on learning capture that vision and allow you to see, hear, and feel our student awareness, understanding and experience of being a part of something special, part of a community.”

The video was segmented into four vignettes featuring students being interviewed after participating or planning a blood drive, Relay for Life, visits to Millers Merry Manor, and creating fundraisers.

Coffman said, “Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter. That is what we want our students at Riverside to understand about Plymouth and themselves. The middle school years are critical to our student’s development. We all know how important community is in that dynamic and our role as individuals to bring about change, or lend a hand.”

Carol Anders Correspondent