The Marshall County Council meets tonight at 6 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  The agenda for the meeting includes the Marshall County Council of Aging’s 2025 INDOT application for funds. 

Commissioners Stan Klotz from the APR Subcommittee will present the commissioners request to fund equipment for the county’s Drug Task Force. 

Council members consider additional appropriation requests from the commissioners, BZA, Plan Commission, Local Road & Street, Motor Vehicle Highway and Statewide 911.  They will also consider transfers for Weights & Measures, Motor Vehicle Highway restricted fund and Medical Benefits Self Insurance. 

The council also has an amendment to the 2024 Salary Ordinance in the Probation Dept., Highway Dept., and Drug & Alcohol Programs.  Also on their agenda for tonight’s meeting are Compliance Forms for tax abatements from Faulkner Fabricating, Center Street Properties, Houin Family Farms and Homestead Dairy. 

The council also offers a chance for public comments.  The council meetings are open to the public and streamed live on YouTube.