REES_Volunteers 10202018The REES Theatre committee is in need your help and that of a spouse, child, friend or co-worker. They have selected three Saturdays in October to accomplish some grunt work in preparation for Phase 3 work that is currently underway and will be completed this fall as well work that will be completed in Phase 4.  Those Saturdays include: the 5th, 12th and 26th.

Each Saturday will begin with coffee, juice and donuts at 8 a.m.   The volunteer team will need plenty of 5 gallon buckets, some flat shovels, hammer drills with chisel bits.  They are asking participants to have heavy gloves, protective eyewear and mask if possible. Work will commence shortly after 8 a.m. and will continue until noon or beyond.

Co-Chairman Randy Danielson said, “We are gearing up for some volunteer work days again this October.  So much was accomplished last October when the temperatures in the theater became more tolerable.  We will do another round of debris removal and light demo in preparation for continued work on Phase 3 now underway.”

“These are laborious tasks and a bit dirty but the more we can accomplish, the further our donor dollars go for completion skills and materials.” Danielson stated.  “Last year’s volunteer numbers came from all walks of life and all left with a sense of accomplishment.”

REES_back wall repairDanielson said skilled workers are completing the replacement of the alley wall currently.  That will be followed with an entire new roof before the northern winds blow.  Danielson said, “By year’s end the building will be structurally sound and weather tight.  We are no longer miles from reaching our financial goals but we have work to do in order to close a gap that will allow the completion Phase 4 to begin in early 2020.”
It is important that volunteers respond with their availability to work one or more of these days. If you know of any organizations or groups that might give assistance, please let the REES committee know immediately.  Participants will need to pre-register using Facebook messenger on The REES page, by emailing or calling 574-286-2391.  Everyone will need to sign a liability release form. Students who participate will need to have this form signed by a parent or guardian.

Come clean, leave dirty and become honorary members of the REES Dirty Dozen! You might even see a friendly ghost or two.

Be a part of this great community legacy!

Donations for The REES Project may be made directly to the Marshall County Community Foundation, 2680 Miller Dr., Suite 120 or on-line at WWW.REESPROJECT.COM