Miller's_Triton Group Sept 2019Triton School Corporation held a K-12 Community Service Day during the month of September.  Junior High students visited residents and staff at Miller’s Assisted Living Facility in Plymouth.

Miller's_Triton Norma M and boys Sept 2019 The students and their teachers served donuts and orange juice to the residents and then sat with them and visited while they ate.  Afterwards they gathered together to play games of Rook and Uno and also helped residents with various puzzles they’ve been working on in their free-time.

Miller's_Triton Lena C Sept 2019The residents were very appreciative of the students time and kindness while the students learned about putting others before self and giving back to their community.



Front Row:  Emma Warner, Marion Ebersole (teacher), Dante Workman, Pierce Brookins  Second Row:  Jayden Dunn, Hannah Snyder, Rebekah Ousley (teacher)  Third Row: Jamie Stoddard, Nadia Stetler, Cheyenne Hawley  Fourth Row:EmmaleighOrlowski, Cameron Hudson, Bradley Miller  Fifth Row:  Chris Roberts, Kendrick Jones, Ayden Yaprak  Sixth Row:  Gavin Roher

Second Photo:  Former Triton Elementary School teacher Norma Montgomery spends time getting to know some of the Triton Students who visited Miller’s Assisted Living.

Third Photo:  Lena Coplen who recently moved to Miller’s enjoys her first visit with the Triton School Students.