Rees_Show the theatre some loveFor the next two weeks, The REES Renovation Project Committee is promoting “Show Your Theatre Some Love.” This awareness campaign is designed to educate the public about the planning committee’s deadline to raise $1.5MM in private funds by March 31, 2018 to receive a matching grant amount of $300,000 from the Regional Cities Initiative.

In the Fall of 2017, The REES Theatre Renovation Project was named by the Regional Cities Initiative as another project to potentially be awarded if the planning committee achieves fundraising $1.5MM of their $3.46MM goal.

Last year, The REES Project Committee restored the building’s exterior façade and made repairs to the marquee which completed phase one of three in renovating the building. A projected $2.86MM will be needed for its remaining buildout in 2019 with plans to re-open for the theatre’s 80th Anniversary in 2020.

A non-permanent fund has been established with The Marshall County Community Foundation named Pledging to Save The REES to receive the matching donor funds for this capital campaign. Lead donor pledges can be made over a four-year period and in-kind gifts qualify for the grant. The REES Theatre was recently given the 501(c)(3) status under the name – The REES Theatre Inc.

Personal meetings with lead donors are currently underway. Those who want to contribute to saving the theatre and helping to meet this matching grant challenge are asked to contact the MCCF office at 574-935-5159 or contact Co-chair Randy Danielson at 574-286-2391 or Don Wendel at 574-952-5149 for a personal presentation and tour. Online donations can be made at

Closed now since 2009, The REES was a source of family entertainment providing generations with storied memories since its opening in 1940. The REES is now on the verge of renewal as a multi-event community venue. You can learn more about its history and project plans at

Note:  Co-chair Donna Pontius and member Linda Star will be our guest at 9:30 Thursday, February 15th on the What’s Your Opinion show to talk about the project and fundraising efforts.