ParkDepartmentDuring Monday’s Plymouth Park Board meeting members approved a motion approving the revenue split from the Verizon contract for four antennas in Centennial Park.

The contract calls for a yearly payment of $6,000 for rent for the four antenna locations: tennis courts, volleyball, fast pitch diamond and near Baker and Randolph.  This income will be split equally between the regular park budget and the non-reverting budget each year.

Verizon will also pay $900 yearly for utility expenses.  This revenue will be placed in the regular park budget since that is the budget pay pays utility costs.

Verizon will also pay a one-time lump sum payment of $9,400 for landscaping.  This money will be put in the park’s gift fund earmarked for landscaping in any of the city’s parks.

The Plymouth Park Board unanimously approved the revenue split.