Miller's_Cup stacking Josh 2017Social Media can be a wonderful tool.  Recently when Miller’s Assisted Living Activity Director Cindy Flagg was scrolling through Facebook she happened upon a post from long time friend Kristi (Stockman) Kavicky.  Kavicky posted a video of her seven year old son, Josh stacking cups at a church variety show in his hometown in Wisconsin.

Knowing that Kavicky her husband Eric and their sons Jacob and Josh come back to Plymouth periodically to visit family, Flagg asked if the boys would be interested in doing a cup stacking demonstration for the residents at assisted living where the boys great-grandmother, Mary Lou Stockman lived before moving on to the nursing facility. Kavicky indicated that they would love to give a demonstration.

Saturday, November 4th was designated as “the day” of the cup stacking demonstration.  The Kavicky family was coming home to visit, take in the Bethel vs. Notre Dame Basketball game and to “wow” the residents of Miller’s with their expertise in Cup Stacking.

Many of the residents had not heard of this new phenomenon.  So Flagg took time to research some information about the sport.  Simply put – the athlete begins with about ten cups and stacks them in three different rotations, as fast as possible.  The information stated that this is a great exercise for hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  Schools are using it as an exercise for key-boarding class.  However, when asked how Josh got involved in Cup Stacking he said his 13 year old brother Jacob taught him and he likes to do it “just for fun”.

Josh Kavicky came to the table with his complete set of Cup Stacking material neatly packed in a carrying bag.  His set included official cups that have three holes in the bottom of each sup so the do not get “stuck together” while stacking; a mat so cups remain in one place on the table and a timer to keep track of stacking times.

Miller's_Cup stacking Jacob 2017The audience (which included the boys’ maternal grandparents, Wayne and Becky Stockman) was amazed at Josh’s dexterity and speed.  They were also captivated by his shy smile and happy attitude.  After Josh stacked the cups several different times his brother Jacob came forward to show his expertise as well.  Mom Kristi even got in on the fun but the boys admit she needs some practice to build her speed and beat them!  While the boys encouraged residents to come forward and try their hand at cup stacking, the residents decided they would rather watch than participate!

Activity Director Flagg is always seeking new and interesting entertainment at Miller’s.  Anyone wishing to bring a program or demonstration to the assisted living may do so by calling 574-936-9801 and ask for Cindy Flagg.

Photo Caption:  Seven year old Josh Kavicky of Wisconsin demonstrates the fun, new sport of Cup Stacking at Miller’s Assisted Living in Plymouth.

Photo two:  Jacob Kavicky, 13 of Wisconsin reveals his calm manor in cup stacking at Miller’s Assisted Living.