ParkDept_logoMembers of the Plymouth Park Board were presented with a draft copy of the LARE (Lake and River Enhancement) Design Report during their monthly meeting on Monday.  The grant funded study included the Yellow River bank stabilization project along with the canoe launch in River Park Square, a feasibility study on the LaPorte Street walking bridge and the pedestrian bridge to River Gate South.

The project included engineering design plans that incorporated a canoe and kayak launch and natural bank stabilization techniques along the Yellow River from East Garro Street to South Michigan Street within River Park Square.  The design work also incorporated a feasibility study for potentially improving the existing foot bridge where LaPorte Street ends at the Yellow River in what is now the park.  Troyer Group and Cardno teamed to complete the design and engineering for the bank stabilization, kayak launch, and bridge study.

Mike Reese from the Troyer Group said cost estimate for the bank stabilization work is $106,000 while the canoe launch is estimated at nearly $63,000 and rehabilitation of the Walking Bridge on LaPorte Street expected to be $300,000.

While the groundwork is ready for the projects, the funding needs to be determined.  Reese said the various permits for the work have been approved and are good for two years.  It was suggested that another LARE Grant could be applied for to cover the majority of cost for the bank stabilization project and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources may fund a significant amount of the canoe launch.

Park Board President, Dave Morrow asked if there was any public funding available for restoration work on a historic structure like the walking bridge.  Reese said he would look into the possibility.

The LARE Design Report will be submitted to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in the next couple of weeks.