Rees Theatre logoThe emergency repairs needed at the Rees Theatre are well underway.

Monday morning, Randy Danielson co-chairman for the Rees Restoration Project said a couple of the major projects are well underway or nearing completion.

Reestheatre_ShantyJust a couple of months ago it was determined that a new roof access needed to be completed before it started to snow.  Eisenhour Home Improvements offered to tackle the job and Al Eisenhour, Mike Menis and John Foshee have been on the roof demolishing the old shanty and building a completely new one along with a new set of stairs up to the roof top. This construction needed to be completed before a new roof membrane could be placed to endure a dry ceiling system.

Reestheatre_StairsUnfortunately the new roof will have to wait until spring, partly due to a funding shortage and partly due to the lateness of the season with colder weather.

reestheatre_Masonry_1Bulging brickwork on the upper portion of the south wall has been a concern with a couple of contractors.  It appears at some point the outer brick has pulled away from the inner block wall and could eventually fall off the building.  Chad Singleton and Damone West with C & S Masonry Restoration from South Bend have been busy repairing the south wall.  Work should be completed today or tomorrow weather permitting.

ReesTheatre_Masonry_2Danielson wanted to thank publicly the Palbykin Family and Value Properties who have been providing water for the masonry work.

ReesTheatre_Playbill_1Monday morning the new playbills on each side of the theater’s entrance were installed by VANADCO Signs of Argos.  These playbills are part of the first phase of the project, which was paid by a combination of private contributions, City Community Improvement Rebate and Marshall County Community Foundation.  Cost estimate for the playbills was $3,548.00.

ReesTheatre_Playbill_2One interesting thing about the playbills was that the Rees Restoration committee actually sought the public’s assistance in selecting the color used for them.

Rees_outdoor carpetingOn Monday Danielson also showed off the new outdoor carpeting at the entrance to the Rees Theatre.  This project was completed thanks to The Floor Store and More and Felke Flooring.

While many project are underway or being completed there is still a long road ahead.

A GoFundMe page ( is available to make donations or folks can drop off a check at the Marshall County Museum.  There are a variety of in-kind donations for services and or materials the project can also use.

Danielson said a spring 2018 capital campaign will address the major inside renovation project.