City NEwsDuring a special meeting of the Plymouth Common Council a resolution providing for the transfer of funds for the Plymouth Park Department was approved.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite told the council with the addition of Freedom Park in Packard Woods, River Park Square and Price’s Memorial Park the utility bills have grown larger than this year’s appropriation.

Hite said.  “Traditionally we run really close on utilities.”  He said fluctuating energy costs at the pool are hard to anticipate because of weather conditions.   Hite also noted the splash pad at River Park Square, the lights and the rock fountain running 11 hours a day have increased utility costs.

Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said a change in the new hire process also affected the park’s budget this year.  Previously background checks were paid for by the employee.  The new policy requires the park department to contract out background checks causing a larger hit to the park budget because of the number of employees hired by the park.

The Common Council approved a transfer of $21,400 from the Capital Outlays Improvement fund to $700 in contractual services; $1,500 in utilities art center; $16,000 utilities park; $3,000 utilities pool; and $200 for dues and fees.