City HallTuesday evening the Plymouth Plan Commission approved a resolution by the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission that amended the Economic Development Plan for the US30/Oak Road Economic Development Area also known as TIF # 1.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the commission this is a step needed to add the City Hall renovation project to the TIF project list.  Members were to review the project and make sure it’s in line with Comprehensive Plan.

Surrisi gave members of the Plan Commission a virtual tour of the City Building and Chamber of Commerce Building which there is a proposal for the city to purchase and then lease the first floor back to the chamber.   The virtual tour showed all three levels of the City building including the basement and second floor along with proposed changes on the main floor along with photos of the roof.  The tour showed pictures of the basement, main level and second story of the Chamber building.

The city attorney shared some of the proposed improvements including the addition of another staircase and elevator behind the Chamber building in the alley way, improved HVAC and all new windows.

The Plan Commission unanimously approved the resolution to amend the project list in TIF # 1 to include the City Hall and Chamber renovation project.