atm-skimming-deviceThe Plymouth Police Department has received information that individuals have once again placed skimming devices on ATM’s outside of the Plymouth area.

The Plymouth Police Department would like to remind everyone to make sure their bank has taken the steps necessary to secure their ATM’s against the skimming devices.  If they have not, there are steps to help protect yourself.

  1.  Always pull the card reader to make sure it is not loose, as some devices are placed as an overlay and are only stuck on with glue or take.
  2. Place you hand over the key pad when entering you PIN in case a camera was placed to capture the numbers that are entered.
  3. If you see anything out of the ordinary, do not use the machine and contact the bank.

The Plymouth Police Department is warning citizens to be on the watch for skimming devices and want to be sure you and your bank account are safe this holiday season.