During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting the commissioners made their appointments to the Marshall County Tourism Board.

Last year, folks from Culver and Plymouth appeared before the commissioners with concerns that the current board isn’t sharing the funds from the county’s Inn Keeper’s Tax equitably.  The commissioners told those concerned they needed to meet with the current board and try to come to an agreement.  Those concerned also told the commissioners the current make-up of the board didn’t match the state’s statute.

Early this spring the commissioners made changes to the county ordinance, so it matches with the state’s requirements.  The board must have an odd number of members and the majority of the members must be involved in tourism.  The commissioners created a seven-member board with them selecting 5 members and the Mayor of Plymouth choosing two members. Per the state statute, at least four of the members are required to have a direct involvement in tourism, promote tourism, or convention.

On Monday Commissioner Kevin Overmyer motioned to appoint Angel Balsley of Argos who is the County Fire Board President and Mark Damore owner and operator of the Culver Lakehouse Grille to one-year terms on the new Marshall County Tourism Board.  He also appointed Brian Teall, Development Manager for Marshall County United Way, Matt Hovermale the General Manager of the Swan Lake Resort and Wyatt Stephan who graduated from Purdue, works for Eli Lilly and his father was the second park manager.  Wyatt is now a board member of Potawatomi Wildlife Park and will serve a two-year term with Teall and Hovermale.   

The other two members of the Marshall County Tourism Board, appointed by Mayor Robert Listenberger are Tracy Houin the Marshall County Blueberry Festival Coordinator who will serve until December 31, 2024, and Jim Hartung who works for PWI Manufacturing and Zimmer Biomet-Hibbard. Hartung will serve until December 31, 2025. 

The County Commissioners asked Brian Teall to serve as chairman of the first meeting until the new board can organize.