The Plymouth School Board ratified the Master Contract with the Plymouth Education Association (PEA) during a regular monthly meeting on October 4. The contract presented included changes for the contract that has been in place for the school years of 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Under the Compensation Model, language was added to clarify what actions are required in terms of compensation when a new teacher enters the PCSC if the Superintendent deviates from the normal salary range. According to the Compensation Model, new teachers can be brought in at no less than step I of the salary range and no more than $6000 above their most recent rate of pay at their former school corporation. Teachers with zero years teaching experience can be brought in at no more than $6000 above the base pay. If the superintendent proposes a different compensation, the final decision will be by mutual consent with the PEA and administration.

There is also new language included in the Compensation Model to cancel the Leadership Cadre and The Lead Teacher and Senior Lead Teacher Program at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Superintendent Daniel Tyree said, “We will still have lead teachers and department heads. “ He added, “This is one of the ways we were able to find money to give all teachers in those years when we get a lot of new money.”

The Leadership Cadre is a professional development program for teachers.

There is additional new language spelling out how raises will be based if the compensation model is fully funded or greater. Teachers receiving an effective or needs improvement summative evaluation rating will not be eligible for a salary increase.

Increases will be on teacher evaluations and PGP’s (Professional Growth Points).

Tyree said, “We have a lot of respect for our teachers and want to make sure that they get a raise even when our state tuition support has been cut dramatically.”

PEA Co-President Laura Kruyer said, “Foremost, PEA would like to thanks the Administration for their work during the contract negotiations.” She explained some of the considerations that went into the changes in the Master Contract. She said, “Over the last several years, the state has cut funding to many of our public school systems including Plymouth. PEA entered negotiations with three primary goals: developing a contract that allows teachers to plan for the future, transparency, and financial viability.” “ Through a collaborative effort between the Administration and PEA, we were able to identify some existing money and free up funds in order to provide teachers with a raise this year. This was one step toward an overall plan to attract and retain quality instructors here at Plymouth,” she said.

Kruyer shared the sentiments of the PEA membership saying, “ The new contract was greatly appreciated by teachers as it was unanimously ratified by PEA members.”

Kruyer also hopes that those in the community will continue to support education. She said, “ Many people are unaware of the negative impact recent legislation has had on the funding for our community schools. The election in a few weeks is an opportunity for people to elect leaders who understand, support and respect the role that public schools play in our communities. The state election will determine the future of public education in Indiana.”


Carol A nders Correspondent