County News_logoOn Monday the Marshall County Commissioners approved the lease agreement with the Community Resource Center in the amount of $2200 monthly pending clarification of several items with the County Attorney.


County Attorney Jim Clevenger has some minor changes to the agreement. His biggest concern was the section that says the office space will be used for general office use and no other activity. Clevenger wants to make sure there is an understanding the inoculation and some other minor county nurse activities will be occurring.


The attorney was also aware that those leasing in the Community Resource Center would not have competition. Although the County Health Department really isn’t in direct competition, he had some concern that the Saint Joseph Health Clinic may provide some of the same services. Commissioner Kurt Garner said that issue has been addressed with both parties.


All three commissioners approved the lease agreement pending clarifications. While the lease is ready, the funds have not been appropriated. It was recommended that the Health Department and Commissioner Garner appear before the County Council seek the additional appropriation necessary to fund the total project.