The 8 th Grade Lincoln Red Storm Football team lost to Warsaw Edgewood last night. The first

quarter was the bright spot in the game as Cei Bowen caught a 24 yard pass from quarterback

Daniel Bacon. The Red Storm just could not finish the play out to get into the end zone and both

teams remained scoreless in the first quarter. The defense came away with a couple of sacks to

knock Warsaw back but it just was not enough to keep Warsaw from scoring. The Red Storm

was riddled with injuries and turnovers throughout the night and thus giving Edgewood the

game with a score of 0 to 34. The 8 th grade will travel to Laporte Kesling on Thursday,

September 15, 2016 at 5:30pm.

The 7th grade Red Storm football team hosted Edgewood last night. The defense struggled in the first half falling behind by 22, but played better after halftime. The offense struggled to gain any momentum by turning the ball over 6 times.
Edgewood 22 – Lincoln 0