Jana's_State2015_2nd placeJana’s Gymnastics competed in their State meet in Marion on April 8-10.  Jana’s had 15 of their 20 gymnasts qualify to their 5 State Regionals.  There are two ways to qualify to Regionals – Receive an All-Around score of 35.5 or  place in the top 14 of your level.  At Indiana State Meet, Levels are divided into age groups.  Age groups compete against each other for State Titles.  Jana’s Silver (Age Child A) worked together to earn a 2nd Place finish.

14 gymnasts received qualifying scores of 35.5 or better and one gymnast was named to the State Team by placing in the top 14.

Jana's_State2016 champClaudia Marohn placed 7th out of 250 gymnasts.

Jana’s Gymnastics Regional Qualifiers will travel to Bowling Green State University in Ohio May 13-15 to compete in Regionals against Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and their fellow Indiana qualifiers.

Several of Jana’s Gymnasts earned top spots in their State Meet.

Jana's_State2016 Beam ChampJaelyn McGrath paced 1st on Beam to become the 2016 Beam State Champion.  Jersey Hunter earned State Runner Up Champion on Floor.  Abby Cameron placed 4th on Beam, Maddy Brouyette placed 9th on Vault.  Elizabeth Pugh placed 4th on Beam and 9th on Floor. Brooke Singleton placed 6th on Beam and 4th on Floor.  Tessa Hutchinson placed 6th on Beam and 6th on Floor.  Dorothy Karris placed 5th on Bars and 3rd on Floor.  Klara Guseilla placed 8th on Beam and 5th on Floor. Raven White placed 5th on Floor and Claudia Marohn placed 1st on Vault, 5th on Bars, 1st on Beam and 2nd All Around.

Pictured are:

2nd Place Age Group Winners:  Madison Ward, Jaelyn McGrath, Jersey Hunter, Abby Cameron, Kelsey Yelaska

Here are the results:
Kelsey Yelaska: Vault 8.75, Bars 8.85, Beam 8.975, Floor 8.95, AA 35.525 (Regional Qualifier)
Jaelyn McGrath: Vault 8.775, Bars 9.125, Beam 9.425(1st), Floor 9.1, AA 36.425(11th) (Regional Qualifier)
Jersey Hunter: Vault 9.025, Bars 8.9, Beam 9.1, Floor 9.45(2nd) (Regional Qualifier)
Madison Ward: Vault 8.9, Bars 9.1, Beam 8.525, Floor 9.3, AA 35.825 (Regional Qualifier)
Abby Cameron: Vault 9.075, Bars 8.7, Beam 9.4(4th), Floor 9.2, AA 36.375 (Regional Qualifier)
Helen Guseilla: Vault 8.675, Bars 8.7, Beam 8.925, Floor 9.05, AA 35.35
Kasi Harner: Vault 8.95, Bars 8.875, Beam 9.275, Floor 9.175, AA 36.275 (Regional Qualifier)
Maddy Brouyette: Vault 9.3(9th), Bars 8.95, Beam 9.05, Floor 9.15, AA 36.45 (Regional Qualifier)
Elizabeth Pugh: Vault 8.825, Bars 8.925, Beam 9.475 (4th), Floor 9.275 (9th), AA 36.5 (10th) (Regional Qualifier)
Erin McGrath: Vault 8.775, Bars 8.95, Beam 8.9, Floor 8.575, AA 35.2
Brooke Singleton: Vault 9.375, Bars 8.975, Beam 9.4(6th), Floor 9.4(4th), AA 37.15(8th) (Regional Qualifier)
Carissa Kulpa: Vault 9.2, Bars 9.1, Beam 9.25, Floor 9.2, AA 36.75 (Regional Qualifier)
Camryn Haskins: Vault 8.625, Bars 8.35, Beam 8.425, Floor 9.225, AA 34.625
Tessa Hutchinson: Vault 8.75, Bars 9.225(6th), Beam 8.65, Floor 9.4(6th), AA 36.025(10th) (Regional Qualifier)
Dorothy Karris: Vault 8.925, Bars 9.125(5th), Beam 7.75, Floor 9.4(3rd), AA 35.2
Klara Guseilla: Vault 8.25, Bars 9.05(5th), Beam 8.6, Floor 9.4(5th), AA 35.3
Claudia Marohn: Vault 9.525(1st), Bars 9.025(5th), Beam 9.7(1st), Floor 8.85, AA 37.1(2nd) (Regional Qualifier) (State Team Member)
Raven White: Vault 9.025, Bars 8.525, Beam 8.3, Floor 9.425(5th), AA 35.275
Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.625, Bars 8.55, Beam 7.95, Floor 8.4, AA 33.525
Katie Lauck: Vault 8.675, Bars 8.35, Beam 8.3, Floor 9.25, AA 34.575