CentennialPark_enteranceThis month the Plymouth Park Board accepted input on the five year plan.

The current 5-year plan expires on December 31, 2015.  The last time the park board worked the plan they used a survey in the city water bills to obtain information from citizens along with some public meeting.

On November 2nd the Plymouth Park Board accepted comments for the next 5-year plan.

Wilson Gerrard asked the park board to present the idea of creating a “park district” to the city council again.  He said, “The cost to the tax payers in Plymouth is shooting up.  We have the nicest park system and now we are getting another nice facility that will tax the citizens even more.”  Gerrard said he would also like to see Prices Memorial Park remain a city tax payer only park until we get a park district.

The only other comment came from Phil Martin, Vice President of the Marshall County Blueberry Festival.  He wanted to make the park board aware of the electrical requirements in the park.  Much of the electrical service has been in the park for years and years.  The festival has paid a lot to put in the majority of the electrical service and he suggested planning some upgrades in the 5-year plan.

There was no discussion on the suggestions only the gathering of public input.  The Park Board will continue to seek comments and suggestions for improvement or additions to the Plymouth Park System.  City residents with comments may contact the park board members, superintendent Mike Hite or the mayor’s office.