WATERLOO – Plymouth’s Rockies will live to fight another day as they survived a two hour bus ride and took away a convincing 56-14 win over DeKalb in round two of IHSAA sectional action.


It was a game that was completely decided by the time Colten Schuler took opening kick of the second half 90 yards for the final Plymouth score well before the end of the game.


“They look like a different team. They’re having so much fun out there. They are playing so hard on both sides of the ball, we’re getting so much production from so many people,” said Barron. “It was a strange ending to the season, I think having (Jeremy) Drudge get his feet wet a little bit, having MacMillen get his feet wet a little bit. I think the chemistry between Jack and Tristan is huge, and it takes some time. Now they have five or six games under their belt. I think Jack trusts Tristan and I think Tristan understands what Jack is trying to do with the football. And Tristan played huge tonight”


Indeed MacMillen did averaging around 20 yards a carry, with seven carries for 145 yards and three touchdowns. Afer an initial three and out by DeKalb, the Rockies took over and never looked back, scoring when Jack Barron crossed the goal line with a little help from all five linemen – Trenton Garza, Devin Straka, Jared Hurford, Nate LaFree and Jorge Quintana – pushing their quarterback the last five yards over the goal line.


“I thought our offense and defense played great,” said Barron. “I think we set the tone with that first drive for a touchdown with Jack (Barron) being pretty gritty in there and the offensive lineman coming in and giving him a push.”


The Plymouth defense was once again able to force three turnovers – interceptions by Gabe Bastardo and Braxton Bennitt and a fumble recovery by Drudge.


“Our defense was stifling,” said Barron. “That wide receiver (Will Crisman) is really, really good and he’s a handful. I thought our secondary really grew up tonight. They got to a lot of 50-50 balls and we won them, we got to a lot of balls in the air, we were physical.


“All four of our linebackers are playing outstanding. As long as we can get those linebackers near the quarterback some good things are going to happen.”


The Rockies (9-2) will try to make good things happen for at least one more Friday night as they will take on NorthWood at Plymouth in the third straight sectional final to be played at the Rockpile.


Score by Quarters

Plymouth 29 20 7 0-56

DeKalb 6 0 8 0-14


Scoring Summary

First Quarter

P – Jack Barron 18 Yd Run (Jeremy Drudge kick)

P – CamEveland 5 Yd Run (Matt Friar Run For Two-Point Conversion)


P – Jack Barron 60 Yd Run (Jeremy Drudge kick)


D – Will Chrisman 78 Yd Pass From Harrison Price (Failed Two-Point Conversion)


P – McMillen 80 Yd Run (Jeremy Drudge Kick)


Second Quarter


P – Nathan Nixon 6 Yd Pass From Jack Barron (Jeremy Drudge Kick)


P – Tristen McMillen 20 Yd Run (Jeremy Drudge)


P – Tristen McMillen 10 Yd Run (Jeremy Drudge Kick No Good)



Third Quarter

P – Colten Schuler 90 Yd Kickoff Return (Jeremy Drudge Kick)


P – Logan Kruse 8 Yd Run (Failed Two-Point


D – Safety 56 14



Rushing – (Plymouth) Barron 7-91 2TD, McMillen 7-145 3TD, Eveland 5-37. (DeKalb) Price 3-44, Minch 13-39, Kruse 3-10 TD.


Passing – Barron 5-9, 92 yds, TD, Price 5-23 143, TD 2INT.