BMS Boys Cross Country
Bremen Middle School Boys X-Country team traveled to Plymouth’s Centennial Park and lost to a very strong Lincoln team and beat New Prairie. Bremen showed great improvement in their times by cutting 29 seconds off their team average. The Lions had 6 personal records and 12 season’s best! The Lions are now 41-26 overall and 6-1 in regular season.

Lincoln- 19: Bremen-37/ Lincoln-23:New Prairie-35/ New Prairie-32:Bremen-27
Place    Runner            Time
6th            Andrew Sinkovics               11:14       Personal Record  
7th            Evan Yoder                           11:20       Personal Record
10th          Collin Moren                         11:34       Personal Record
12th          Tyler Smith                            11:41       Season’s Best
14th          Trevor Devine                      11:45       Season’s Best
15th          Jacob Fish                             11:48       Personal Record
16th          Beck Brurok                          11:48       Season’s Best
Other Personal Records: Bobby Simmons (13:14), Cody Fritz (13:18)
Other Season’s Best: Brett Yelaska (12:32), Anders Brurok (13:31), Carter Harshbarger (14:43), Zander Young (12:23), Mason Porter ((14:21), Lextin Willis (13:21), Tommy Hilgendorf (14:29) and Tony Hardin (13:56)
BMS Girls Cross Country
Lincoln- 36
: Bremen-21/ Lincoln-24:New Prairie-31/ New Prairie-44:Bremen-15
The Lady Lions Cross Country team went on the road to Plymouth’s Centennial Park to keep their undefeated streak alive in regular season meets. The Lions had 4 personal records and 13 season’s best which dropped their team average to 30 seconds! The girls are 56-9 overall and 7-0 in regular season.

Place    Runner             Time 
1st            Rachel Hall                            12:35                       
2nd           Katie Barnes                         12:36
5th            Courtney Lawmaster           13:02       Personal Record
6th            Riley Gilmer                           13:04       Personal Record

7th            Caroline Bickel                      13:04       Season’s Best
12th          Dellenira Duran                    13:24       Season’s Best
15th          Reagan Malcolm                  13:42       Season’s Best
Other Personal Records: Janitzy Valderrama (14:50) and Caylee Bar (15:01)
Other Season’s Best: Taylor Britton (14:58), Sydney Nykiel (14:52), Lily Snyder (14:53), Cassie Gramm (14:37), Chloe Hundt (15:30), Airyona Nies (13:44), Miranda Starke (16:01), Madison Kucera (17:28), Taylor Haseley ((17:02), Grace Meyer (16:36) and Jessica Yelaska (14:58)