PHS_Health Occupations_First Aid KitsThe Health Careers class at Plymouth High School is selling first aid kits starting Sept. 21st through October 5th! The money raised will be used to help the Health Careers students go to a state conference for Health Careers April 11-13 in Indianapolis at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center.

Each of the students needs to raise approximately $300 to offset the costs associated with attending the conference and competition.

The first aid kits are $10 and include the following:

– 1 pair of non-sterile gloves
– 2 rolls of gauze
– 2 sterile sponge packets
– 1 roll medical tape
– 1 CPR disposable face shield
– 4 band aids
– 1 elastic bandage
– 4 alcohol wipes

The conference is called HOSA or Health Occupation Students of America. Students will be competing in many categories such as Medical Terminology, Medical Spelling, Health Career Display, Nursing Assisting, Sports Medical and CPR/First Aid.

This is the third year the Health Careers class has sold First Aid Kits. A first aid kit could make the perfect gift for your loved one! Health Career Students will be selling these kits during lunch and before and after school.

If you would like to purchase a first aid kit please contact Instructor Jona Cartwright at or you can call her classroom at 574-936-2178 ext 1078 to place an order.

This post was produced by PHS Interactive students Jon Sommers and John Kemp.