LJH (800x533)PLYMOUTH – Plymouth’s Downtown Revitalization Committee heard a voice from the future Wednesday night as student’s from Lincoln Jr. High School addressed the members with their ideas for rejuvenating the downtown of the city.

Lincoln’s Innovation Academy was tasked with coming up with ideas to revitalize Plymouth’s downtown and the best presentations by students were given to the Committee last night at the Wild Rose Moon. Ideas were wide ranging and in depth about what could help Plymouth business and provide a vital downtown that would be inviting to new business investment.

Several of the student presentations focused on bringing art to Plymouth’s downtown. One group focused on downtown murals that have helped other communities – in particular Saginaw, Michigan – to revitalize their downtown community. The goal of the project would be energizing the local artist community and drawing more people to downtown.

Another group focused on an “Art Wall” that would take empty building “canvases” and turn them into downtown attractions.

Several groups also focused on the Rees Theatre as a hub of activity for the downtown. A restaurant and bar, live music were several of the ideas involved.

Making the downtown more attractive aesthetically also came up as one group suggested lighting as a way of brightening the downtown. Remodeling buildings was also a thought to make the downtown more attractive.