BMS Boys Cross Country Team gets 7th at Manchester Invitational
The Bremen Boys finished 7th out of 18 teams that were represented at the Manchester Invitational.  The boys had a great showing against a talented field.  There was a JV and Varsity race in the Boys Division.
Boys JV Top 7
Place   Runner                      Time
9th        Jacob Fish                     12:44    Personal Record
10th       Trevor Devine                12:53
14th       Jonah Cross                  13:07
16th       Aaron Douglas              13:09    Season’s Best
18th       Zander Young                13:16
30th       Anders Brurok               13:50    Season’s Best
33th       Seth Young                    13:51
Boys Varsity Top 7
Place   Runner                      Time
15th       Andrew Sinkovics           11:29    Personal Record
38th       Collin Moren                 12:01
39th       Evan Yoder                    12:02
44th       Kenny Hilgendorf           12:07
46th       Logan Heller                  12:09
62nd      Beck Brurok                   12:36
68th       Alistair Byrd                   12:57
Season’s Best: Samuel Fish (14:23)
BMS Girls Cross Country Team gets 6th at Manchester Invitational
The Bremen Boys finished 6th out of 17 teams that were represented at the Manchester Invitational.  The girls battled in the heat and great competition.  There was a JV and Varsity race in the Girls Division.
Girls JV Top 7
Place   Runner                      Time
11th       Haylie Clyde                  14:38
14th       Reagan Malcom            14:40    Season’s Best
32nd      Taylor Britton                 15:17    Season’s Best
33rd       Sydney Douglas             15:18
37th       Janitzy Valderrama         15:34
49th       Caylee Bar                     16:14    Personal Record
Girls Varsity Top 7
Place   Runner                      Time
11th       Rachel Hall                    12:54
13th      Katie Barnes                  12:55    Personal Record
30th       Jennie Detweiler 13:36
50th       Riley Gilmer                   14:04    Season’s Best
51st       Kelsey Lawmaster          14:08
58th       Courtney Lawmaster       14:13
91st       Lily Snyder                     15:45
Personal Records: Grace Mikel (20:19)