Urey-51: Bremen-22
Bremen Middle School Boys team traveled to Urey to face their old NSC foe. The Boys battled the humidity and heat to remain undefeated for the season with a 3-0 record.
Here were the ribbon winners for the meet:
Place   Runner                      `Time
1st            Andrew Sinkovics                11:43                    
3rd           Collin Moren                        12:30    
5th            Kenny Hilgendorf                12:38
6th            Beck Brurok                         12:38    
7th            Logan Heller                         12:39
8th            Evan Yoder                          12:51
9th            Alistair Byrd                         13:13    
BMS Girls Cross Country
Urey-39: Bremen- 22

The Bremen Middle School Girls traveled east down US-6 and defeated a much improved Urey team. The Lady Lions now move to 3-0 for the season.
Place   Runner                       Time 
1st            Rachel Hall                           12:51                     
3rd           Katie Barnes                         13:29
5th            Jasmine Gramm                  13:34     Personal Record
6th            Dellenira Duran                    14:18
7th            Kelsey Lawmaster               14:19                    
8th            Jennifer Detweiler                14:21    
11th         Riley Gilmer                          14:27