06/27/12 Monday the Board of Public Works and Safety awarded the bid for the 2012 Street and Sidewalk Projects which will include improvements to Baker Street.  The engineer’s estimate on the project was $252,000 to $290,000 using INDOT standards.

  Last week bids were opened from four companies interested in doing the work. High bid was $256,520 from E & B Paving out of Rochester and the low bid was from Phend & Brown from Milford at $159,570.  Also biding was Reith Riley and Walsh & Kelly.

  After a review of the bids by the Street Superintendent and City Attorney, their recommendation was for the low bid of Phend & Brown.  The project will start in the next couple of week and is scheduled to be completed before school starts.

Work includes a milling down of the current roadway and complete replacement of the asphalt from North Michigan Street to Grand Street.  New curbs and gutters in the same area will keep residents from driving onto the sidewalks.  In the residential areas new sidewalks will be placed on both sides of the street and become ADA compliant at 5 feet wide.