03/28/12 Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt came before the Board of Public Works and Safety and informed them that his department is working on the removal of the Bauer Building.  The ReStore has asked for the opportunity to go through the building and salvage what they can for use with the Habitat for Humanity organization.  City Attorney Sean Surissi will create a release for them to sign prior to them entering the building.  Councilman Shawn Grobe made a motion to allow The ReStore to go through the property prior to demolition, Councilman Don Ecker seconded and the motion carried.

City Engineer Rick Gaul reported to the Board that the Street Department will be blacking out the stop bar at the south exit in the Wal-Mart plaza.  They will also move the stop sign closer to Oak Drive.  This should remedy the visibility issues at this intersection.  Councilman Ecker made a motion to allow this work to be completed and Councilman Culp seconded.

Clerk-Treasurer Toni Hutchings read a request from Linda Rippy from the Marshall County Historical Museum.  They are requesting a street closure on East LaPorte Street from Water Street to River Street on April 12 through April 15, 2012.  The Museum, the library and Encore Performing Arts will be hosting a civil war reenactment in this area.  Mayor Senter said he received some concerns about possible loud noises from this event.  The Board was reassured that all of the area businesses and homeowners would be notified prior to the event.  100’s of school children from throughout the county will be attending this event.  Councilman Culp made a motion to allow the street to be closed for this event and Councilman Ecker seconded.

A second request was read from All Track, Inc. in Pendleton, IN.  They are requesting a road closure at the railroad tracks on Western Avenue leading into the DelMonte facility from approximately April 23-28, to repair the railroad crossing.  Attorney Surissi recommended that this request be tabled until April 9 meeting to gather more information.  Councilman Grobe made a motion to table the request and Councilman Culp seconded.

Members of the Board of Public Works and Safety also approved the claims prior to the meeting being adjourned.

Laura Mann Correspondent